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Top 5 Sculpted Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids from Our Wake Forest Bakery

Ordering any kind of custom birthday cake is fun enough, but you can make your child’s birthday totally over-the-top with a sculpted birthday cake. Sweet Cherry Bakery uses fondant, rice krispie treats, and other architectural elements (and of course, cake) to make amazing, unique birthday centerpieces guaranteed to delight. If you’re just beginning to think […]

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Success With Fondant Icing on Your Custom Cakes Starts Here

Fondant Icing Tips Whether you are new to baking or have been honing your craft for years, making beautiful and professional looking custom cakes with fondant can still be a difficult skill to master. Here are some helpful fondant icing tips to ensure your custom creation is a sweet success. Be a Neat Freak Fondant […]

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Do You Prefer Fondant or Gum Paste?

Choosing the decorative aspect of your cake can be a difficult one. There are multiple criteria that the decorations need to meet, they must not only look fantastic and artistic but they have to taste good too. For many bakeries, this is no easy task. But for the expert bakers at our Apex cake shop, […]

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Choosing Your Next Awesome Cake Pattern from the Best Cake Bakery Raleigh NC Has!

So, just like fashion, you can easily accessorize any cake with a stylish pattern. Cake patterns can help set the mood for parties, highlight themes, add accents to layers, or they can even reflect your own personality. Sweet Cherry Bakery, loves adding patterns to cakes, or replicating a special pattern for our customers. We know […]

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