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4 Incredible Treats to Try This Halloween!

Now that it’s finally October, the biggest food brands have begun dropping their Halloween menus in earnest. From jet-black ice cream to purple cocktails, here are some of the spookiest treats to try this season. Coldstone’s Black ‘Boo Batter’ Ice Cream Cold Stone Creamery took to social media to announce its new seasonal special. “Boo […]

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Cake Pop Candy Melts: Troubleshooting Tips from Our Raleigh Bakery

Cake pops look so adorable and easy to make in Pinterest photos, but we’re guessing that if you’re reading this blog, you’ve already discovered that dealing with the candy melt coating isn’t so easy! If you’re having candy melt issues with your cake pops, here are some tips that can help from a Raleigh wedding […]

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The Cake Pop Commotion. Our Apex Bakery Tells All!

In the last few years cake pops have taken over the world of cakes and cupcakes. If you have not tried one yet, then you are missing out on a great new concept. These tasty treats can be found in your local cake bakery or coffee shop; in fact, even large chains like Starbuck’s have […]

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Cake Pop Craze at Our Raleigh Cake Bakery

Doughnut holes and cake balls have been around for as long as there have been doughnuts and cake. The original purpose was to simply use up leftover batter or cake parts. However, “cake pops” are a relatively new concept in sweet treats. Angie Dudley came up with the idea in 2008. Her book, “Cake Pop,” […]

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Are Cake Pops a Trend or New Staple to Parties?

For the past few years, cake pops have been appearing at parties, weddings, and events as the new go-to for cake treats. While cupcakes used to be the popular form of mini cakes, cake pops have been growing and growing in popularity, sometimes replacing cupcakes and even more traditional sheet cakes. But are these little […]

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