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Our Top 5 Most Unique Cupcake Flavors – Bakeries in Raleigh NC

Forget chocolate and vanilla. At Sweet Cherry Bakery, we offer a number of specialty cupcakes that add an extra punch of fun to every gathering. Here are some of our most beloved out-there flavors, which you can order for your birthday party, office gathering, or miscellaneous spring event. (And if you just like plain old […]

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Are Your Cupcakes Rising to the Occasion?

If you dream of making beautiful cupcakes that rise easily above their wrappers, then you there are several things that you need to think about as you prepare them. Following these easy tips will allow you to make cupcakes that rise to any occasion. Tip 1: Check Your Dates Start by checking your dates on […]

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Don’t Let Your Cookies Be Boring. Get Decorated Cookies at Our Bakery Near Raleigh!

Inspiration is just a pin away! That’s what home bakers discover when they want to create a custom cookie decorated so the cookie eater feels special, loved, and showered with good thoughts because someone (namely, you) took the time to bake and design and decorate the perfect edible work of art. And then…there is the […]

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What is the Most Popular Cupcake Flavor?

It’s been said that cupcakes are muffins with big dreams! For cupcake lovers around the world, we are quick to sing the praises of our perfectly portioned single serve cakes. However, when it comes to deciding which custom cupcakes are the most popular at the Cary NC Cupcake shop, we are not in perfect harmony. […]

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Why Choose Vegan and Gluten Free Cupcakes for Any Event

Whether you are hosting a prodigious wedding celebration or a small backyard soiree to end the season, you’re in search of some desserts to serve at the end of the party. Strolling past your local cupcake shop might introduce you to the idea of gluten free or vegan cupcakes, but you may wonder if you […]

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Think About Cupcakes Over Cake for Your Next Celebration!

While cakes have traditionally been a staple of celebrations, cupcakes are arising as a unique and attention-grabbing new trend. Cupcakes are easy to serve and can be customized, decorated, and arranged in a myriad of exciting ways to go along with any theme. Hosts are sure to find cupcakes for baby showers, cupcakes for birthdays, […]

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