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Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Never DIY Your Wedding Cake

As we all know, weddings are expensive, and it can be tempting to save a little change by baking your own cake. But attempting a large, tiered wedding cake is a big feat for an amateur baker, and takes a lot of logistical planning and technical skill to pull off. With so many ways for […]

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Our Raleigh NC Baker Shares How to Preserve a Wedding Cake so It Lasts as Long as Possible!

The fun of enjoying a custom wedding cake doesn’t doesn’t stop at the first cut. Many newlyweds opt to follow the tradition of saving, freezing, and storing their cake’s top tier, to be shared on their first anniversary the following year. While some couples rely on their wedding cake bakery to do the post-wedding preservation (some […]

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Top Tips for Saving Money on Your Raleigh Wedding Cake

There’s nothing quite as special as a show-stopping wedding cake—but custom wedding cakes tend to break the bank, especially if you’re ordering for a huge crowd. If the cost of your wedding cake is giving you budget anxiety, here are a few tips that can help you save. Order a Small Display Cake. The wedding […]

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Why Choose A Custom Wedding Cake?

A wedding is a big day, and it’s important to get everything right. The wedding cake is one of the most eye-catching things at the wedding, so it deserves some special consideration. Custom wedding cakes from a local cake shop are a good way for the bride and groom to express themselves and symbolize their […]

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