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Tying the Knot: Making the Groom Feel Momentous with a Groomsman Cake

Weddings are an exciting time for newlyweds and those who attend the festivities, but the credit is given only to the bride far too often. Surely the groom may act as if he does not care and is proud to give credit to his spouse, but people must not forget that it is his day […]

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What Are Cake Pops and Why Are They Trending as Wedding Favors?

Cake pops are golf-ball sized morsels of cake crumbs mixed with frosting, rolled into a ball shape, dipped in chocolate, decorated with icing, and served on an embellished stick. The frosting mixture ensures a delightfully sweet, moist, crumbly dessert experience. These tiny treats are taking the wedding industry by storm, but what makes them stand […]

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