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Our Raleigh Baker Shares How to Make Box Cake Mix Taste 10 Times Better

So, you’re watching your favorite baking show on Netflix, and a craving strikes you. You simply need to have some delicious, fluffy, moist cake piled high with chocolate ganache and buttercream icing, stat. The only problem? It’s 10 p.m., and your local Raleigh bakery is closed for the night. So you turn to your pantry […]

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Our Raleigh Baker Debunks The Internet’s Worst Baking Hacks

First coined in mid-2000s, “lifehacks” are tips intended to make ordinaary tasks faster, easier, and cheaper. While plenty of lifehacks really are handy, most baking hacks are more likely are more likely to result in a kitchen fire than a tasty, easy treat! Our Raleigh baker explains which baking hacks are best avoided. Making Jell-O […]

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Our Raleigh Baker Explains How to Make Your Own Vanilla Extract 

If you’ve ever browsed the baking aisle for ingredients, you’re probably already familiar with the steep cost of genuine vanilla extract. Making your own at home allows you to make a lot more, for about the same price; you can then either stockpile your extra bottles, or give them out as gifts or wedding favors. […]

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