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6 Baked Treats Ideas For This Halloween From Our Apex NC Baker

With spooky season finally arriving, now comes to time to decide what treats to concoct for any and all tricksters! However, though ideas abound on what to make, creating desserts to share with one and all that will not come across as old or typical can be a challenge. What is one to do to […]

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4 Incredible Treats to Try This Halloween!

Now that it’s finally October, the biggest food brands have begun dropping their Halloween menus in earnest. From jet-black ice cream to purple cocktails, here are some of the spookiest treats to try this season. Coldstone’s Black ‘Boo Batter’ Ice Cream Cold Stone Creamery took to social media to announce its new seasonal special. “Boo […]

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5 Fun Custom Cakes for Halloween from Our Raleigh Cake Bakery

Nowadays, custom cakes are all the rage. While most people are familiar with going to the bakery and choosing a cake out of the display case and having a name added or going through a book of premade designs and choosing one, custom cakes are cakes individually designed for a specific order. When ordering a […]

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