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5 Fun Custom Cakes for Halloween from Our Raleigh Cake Bakery

Nowadays, custom cakes are all the rage. While most people are familiar with going to the bakery and choosing a cake out of the display case and having a name added or going through a book of premade designs and choosing one, custom cakes are cakes individually designed for a specific order. When ordering a custom cake, clients usually meet with a consultant or the baker themselves to talk about what the cake is for and some design ideas they would like the designer to incorporate. Then, after getting an idea of what the client wants, the bakery designs a cake based on the requests.

While initially starting off only for exceptionally special cakes like wedding cakes, the custom industry has grown to include cakes for all occasions and holidays. For those who are Halloween lovers, this is the perfect time of year to look into some Halloween cake ideas. Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party, celebrating a Halloween birthday, or just want to enjoy the holiday with a sweet treat these Halloween cake ideas are sure to be a treat and not a trick.


Depending on whether you are a fan of horror or a fan of fun and kooky, a monster cake might meet your needs. A frightening monster cake might include icing made to look like blood and bear a startling resemblance to a zombie with a spooky face. Or, go for a fun, kooky monster. Bright colors, furry texture, big eyes and a funny smile can all be great add ins to suggest on a monster cake. Likewise, horns could be included as a fun addition. No matter what kind of monsters you like, a custom cake can recreate them.


If you need a cake to feed a lot of people, this custom cake idea may be a great one. Usually based on one or more layers of flat sheet cake, this cake recreates a haunted graveyard. The top and sides of the cake usually comprise green grass and dirt made with Oreo crumbles. Then, 3-D tombstones are designed and strategically placed around the cake. Surrounding the cake with a fence made of chocolate dipped pretzels can add a nice touch.

Halloween Pile-Up

If you love bright colors and different shapes, you might like a round layer cake. Each tier of the cake can be comprised of a different flavor of cake: chocolate, and orange-dyed vanilla, for instance, for a fun surprise when the cake is cut. Each tier can be covered in a different color of fondant, a type of smooth icing often used in custom cakes. Fun shapes in contrasting colors can be added to provide decoration: for instance, tiers of orange and black with purple and green shapes all over. An even more fun effect is to ask the person making the cake to make the tiers look asymmetrical by placing the tiers off center.


If you need a child’s Halloween cake, you might consider asking for a custom design based on this favorite loveable character. A round cake base can be topped with a large sculpture of Casper as a center piece. The Casper sculpture can be made with edible cereal treats (Rice Krispy treats carved into a shape). After being carved, the treats are covered in modeling chocolate which can be sculpted and designed just like clay to make realistic toppers and sculptures to go on cakes. This way, Casper can be designed to look like he is bursting out of the cake! The bottom round tier can be decorated in white with black cobwebs to add a sophisticated touch.


Designed in the shape of the classic Halloween decoration, jack-o’-lantern cakes can be shaped exactly like a pumpkin and designed in varying degrees of realism from cartoonish to so realistic one would think it was a real carved pumpkin. After deciding on the type of face your jack-o’-lantern should have, you can ask the cake designer to add in small elements that go along with it such as the stump of the pumpkin or making a molded chocolate candle to sit beside the cake to make it look as if the jack-o’-lantern is still being assembled.

No matter whether you would like to try one of these designs or something completely unique, we’re happy to provide you with quality cakes for all occasions. Call our custom cake bakery to schedule an appointment with a consultant today and begin planning for your special cake.