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A Baker’s Delight: How Corporate Cookies Can Improve Morale

Businesses have tried to improve employee morale because they know that it can help increase production. One way that some businesses have done this is by throwing a big corporate event in the honor of the employees, but there is something missing at many of these events: cookies. Cookies might not be the first thing […]

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Brand Your Corporate Events with Customized Cakes and Decorated Cookies

Give your next corporate event a high-end ambiance when you include customized cakes and cookies that celebrate your business and your special occasion. Fresh, delicious corporate event cakes and decorated cookies can be embellished with your business logo, guest names or inspiring quotes. The possibilities for unique customization are endless, and edible treats that promote your […]

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Spice Up Your Next Meeting With A Sugary Treat from Our Raleigh Bakery

In a lot of modern offices, people come and go quite abruptly. It can be difficult to build a close-knit team with high turnover and a constant crop of strange faces. If you want to amp up morale around your office and encourage co-workers to get to know each other, why not help your employees […]

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Don’t Let Your Cookies Be Boring. Get Decorated Cookies at Our Raleigh Bakery!

Inspiration is just a pin away! That’s what home bakers discover when they want to create a custom cookie decorated so the cookie eater feels special, loved, and showered with good thoughts because someone (namely, you) took the time to bake and design and decorate the perfect edible work of art. And then…there is the […]

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Let’s Talk Cookies With Our Apex Decorated Cookie Bakers

While making basic cookies is as simple as following a list of instructions, perfecting your cookie-baking technique is more challenging. If you want to bake delicious, custom cookies, you may have a few questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions our decorated cookie baker in Apex receives: How can I prevent cookies […]

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