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Brand Your Corporate Events with Customized Cakes and Decorated Cookies

Give your next corporate event a high-end ambiance when you include customized cakes and cookies that celebrate your business and your special occasion.

Fresh, delicious corporate event cakes and decorated cookies can be embellished with your business logo, guest names or inspiring quotes. The possibilities for unique customization are endless, and edible treats that promote your business will be appreciated by all your guests. Our local Cary bakery can create anything you need or come up with our own ideas to make your corporate event or party something to remember!

Delicious Treats, Artistic Designs
As a custom local bakery, we provide fresh, wholesome ingredients and handcraft decorated cookies and cakes that taste as good as they look. When you share copies of your business logo with us, we will design a cake or cookie that represents your brand with beautifully executed shapes and colors. We can provide the following types of edible designs:

• Corporate logos
• Photographic images
• Custom lettering: Names, quotes and inspirations

Flavors, Colors and Styles
A variety of cake and cookie flavors and styles are available for personalization and to serve as the centerpiece for your corporate event. A large custom cake can be designed with the colors and theme you desire to represent your business, and it can be cut and served as the focus of your sit-down dinner. For a networking party, decorated cookies and small corporate event cakes can be served as finger foods, and each one can include a design that allows your brand to shine. When you choose us to provide custom desserts for your event, we offer the following options:

1. Cookies: Choose the flavor, style, shape and color that complements your business logo or event theme.
2. Cakes: Select a delicious cake flavor, color, filling and icing that will provide a spectacular look.
3. Display options: Choose trays of finger foods or large, ornate desserts that can be cut and shared with a champagne toast and a ceremony.

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Our custom local bakery is eager to share our delicious baked goods with unique corporate branding, and we are readily available to assist you with planning for your next business event. Please call us today to discuss your event needs with a member of our professional team.