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Don’t Let Your Cookies Be Boring. Get Decorated Cookies at Our Raleigh Bakery!

Inspiration is just a pin away! That’s what home bakers discover when they want to create a custom cookie decorated so the cookie eater feels special, loved, and showered with good thoughts because someone (namely, you) took the time to bake and design and decorate the perfect edible work of art.

And then…there is the reality of making and decorating that special cookie! Not everyone has a fully stocked designer bakery. Some take the smart shortcut and order a decorated cookie bakery near Raleigh. Don’t worry, it’s not “cheating” and your cookie eating recipient will feel just as special. And yet, it’s still fun to try to create custom cookie gifts. With that in mind, here are a few tips to launch your non-boring cookie adventure:

Gather Your Tools

Sugar cookies are often used as the base for decorated cookie. The magic comes from the shape of the cookie, the frosting, and the decorations. Following the example of Raleigh decorated cookies, have all your cookie tools on hand before you begin. Your design will determine your tools. Here are some starters:

• Cookie cut-outs
• Sprinkled sugars in various colors
• Small candies
• Icing tips
• Frosting bags
• Bowls to hold the toppings
• Wire rack for cooling the cookies
• Waxed paper
• Small spatulas for spreading

Custom Cookies Start with Fresh Ingredients

What you cook taste as good as the ingredients used to make it. When it comes to baking, that means using fresh eggs and unsalted butter. There is a quick test for eggs to see if they are fresh. Fill a deep bowl with cold water and place the raw egg in the bowl. If it sinks, it’s fresh; if it floats, throw it out; and if it’s somewhere in between (part floating, part not) then it’s not from-the-chicken fresh but can be eaten.
As for butter, use unsalted. There is no need for the extra salt as it doesn’t affect the texture or taste of the cookie. Choose real butter over margarine!

When All Else Fails

Going on a DIY decorated cookie journey is fun; however, you won’t always get the professional results found at a decorated cookie bakery near Raleigh. For some occasions, you want that professional touch. Other times, you simply want someone to do the baking for you. Either way, you ‘re certain to get the perfect cookie.
Professional Raleigh decorated cookies are a phone call away. Give us a call and allow us to create a memorable cookie for your next sweet event!