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6 Baked Treats Ideas For This Halloween From Our Apex NC Baker

With spooky season finally arriving, now comes to time to decide what treats to concoct for any and all tricksters! However, though ideas abound on what to make, creating desserts to share with one and all that will not come across as old or typical can be a challenge. What is one to do to make sure their desserts delight spook and sprite alike? Try collaborating with a local custom bakery to bring these 6 ideas to life!

  1. Cookie Bat Cupcakes: An Apex cupcakes baker will be all too giddy to assist with these cute delights. Deck out your favorite cupcake with orange or another spooky colored frosting with a batty topper. Request one with Oreo wings and peanut butter cup body to add a level of creepy cute deliciousness!
  2. Monster Cake Pops: Expect screams when your guests take a look at these beauties! Scary cool designs bring these cake pops to glorious unlife! Features, like fanged grins and single or multiple eyes, make these treats be as unique as the recipients.
  3. Moss Cookies: A more unusual choice on this list, ask your local custom bakery to take a crack at crafting these! Turn the beloved sugar cookie into a mean, green treat that will appease even the pickiest of eaters. Green frosting paired with crumbled graham crackers does wonders in giving these bites their beauty!
  4. Black Cat Cookies: Nothing capsulizes this time of year better than the beloved black cat. Immortalize this cute kitty(until he’s eaten, anyway) with an equally cute kitty. These make for a purr-fect centerpiece to your frightful gathering.
  5. Spider Web Cupcakes: An Apex cupcakes baker will delight in helping these tasty spiders create their homes. See your favorite baked goods topped with yummy frosting and sweet spider webs. No one will complain about cleaning up these webs!
  6. Black and Red Crinkle Cookies: Add a sense of mystery with this take on the crinkle cookie. The dark treat with red peeking through the cracks will mystify guests as they all reach for one to enjoy the sweetness hidden inside.

Leah Rocketto of Woman’s Day agrees that “ a bag full of candy is great”, but nothing can beat “a table full of Halloween treats”. Make your gathering scary cool by adding these treats to your spread. You could say that these goodies are to die for!