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4 Birthday Cake Ideas For Your Kids From Our Local Cake Bakery

The humble birthday cake is the life for the party! Many a party goer and birthday child wait with anticipation for the unveiling of their birthday treat so candles may be blown out, the wish made, and the sugary goodness consumed. As children grow up, it’s hard to find show stopping cakes that will wow everyone involved. Have no fear! Here are 4 ways to dazzle the birthday child and company without breaking the bank!

Confetti Cake

Nothing screams “birthday cake” like confetti cake! From boxed mixes to easy to make online recipes, it’s hard to go wrong with this colorful staple. Project party said of this Instagram-worthy treat that it’s “iconic and almost synonymous” with the term “birthday cake”. Every Raleigh cake bakery knows how to make this nostalgic flavor shine for whatever party theme you choose!

Unicorn Cake

Many youngsters go through a unicorn phase(some don’t ever grow out of it!). This makes a unicorn cake a top choice to wow your kiddo on their birthday! The white buttercream and unassuming outside details hide the mystery of the inside. What layers are within? Is there a core of candy and sprinkles ready to tumble out with the first slice? Each cake bakery in Raleigh has their special touch on this magical creation that will mystify guests! This choice is perfect for the unicorn lover to enjoy on their special day!

Rainbow cake

Just like cake, rainbows can brighten up the darkest of days. So brighten any party using a rainbow motif! You can go with the humble pound cake smothered in creamy frosting and topped with your choice of fruits for the needed colors. Have your local custom cake bakery dye the frosting or the batter itself to produce the desired effect. This bright centerpiece will be a marvel to behold and consume!

Furry Friends

Does your child have a favorite animal or pet? Why not immortalize their favorite furry critter in cake! For a custom cake bakery in Raleigh, this is no problem! Frosting can be textured to resemble fur. Bright eyes and big smiles will cause the birthday child to beam bright themselves as they see their birthday cake!

Every local custom cake bakery wishes for their customers to have a happy birthday. For a Raleigh cake bakery, there is no order or design too great that they won’t take on! From rainbows to brighten their day to nostalgic confetti cake, the birthday child will end up with an experience they’ll never forget!