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5 Fondant Cake Topper FAQ’s Our Apex Cake Bakery Answers

Fondant toppers are a great option for decorating custom cakes and cupcakes. However, making fondant toppers requires expert precision and attention to detail. If you’re new to working with fondant, you may have questions about the process. Here are your Apex NC cake shop’s top fondant icing tips:

Is there a difference between fondant and gum paste?

Fondant is a sugary dough that is very pliable. However, it can take a long time to dry, and designs can lose shape during the drying process. Gum paste dries much more quickly, so it tends to hold its shape better. With gum paste, though, you’ll have to work quickly to prevent it from drying before you’re finished.

How long do toppers take to dry?

It usually takes two or three days for toppers to dry, but the drying time will vary depending on the topper’s thickness and your environment. If you live in a humid area, the toppers will probably take longer to dry. Three-dimensional figures tend to take longer to dry than flat toppers. Keep your toppers in a cool, dry location will help them dry quickly.

How far in advance should I add the toppers to the cake?

Wait as long as possible before adding the toppers. When the fondant touches the icing, it absorbs its moisture and starts to soften. The longer you wait before adding the toppers, the better the figures will hold their shape.

Should I make 3D or flat toppers?

Flat and 3D toppers are both great for different projects. The best option for you will depend on several factors, including:

  • Color and consistency of icing
  • Weight of the topper
  • Size of tiered cupcake stand if you plan to use one

Should I use fondant discs for cupcakes?

Fondant disks fit easily on top of icing and provide a flat surface for toppers. The choice to use discs is up to you, but they can be very helpful for your finished product. If you’re using a variety of toppers, discs can make your cupcakes look more uniform. You can also add patterns or textures to the discs to make them more interesting.

Custom cakes or cupcakes with fondant toppers are a great addition to any party or event. If you’re interested in unique cakes, call our Apex NC cake shop to place an order.