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5 Reasons Why Every Wedding Needs a Custom Wedding Cake

Anyone who is serious about having their bridal reception be an affair to remember, our post below covers the five major reasons you should get a custom-made wedding cake.

• Personalized to your preferences
• Quality of ingredients
• Avoiding cross-contamination
• Pre-taste experience
• Method of payment and delivery

1. Personalized To Your Preferences

No one can personalize your wedding cake like a local cake bakery. These are cakes for weddings that have been put together according to a particular theme, color scheme or motif selected by the bride herself (sometimes they let the groom-to-be get involved, too) or the wedding planner.

While most wedding cakes needn’t have the exquisite elegance of many Indian wedding cakes, they should carry the desired preference of the bride whatever it is and Sweet Cherry Bakery does everything possible to make that vision a reality for your big day!

2. Quality of Ingredients

We’re not speaking of ingredients chosen from a box of cake mix here. Ingredients found in a reputable, local cake bakery are fresh and constantly replenished. They are essentially made-from-scratch cakes baked the night or two before the event with filings, decorated icings and creams many times added the day before the event. Only fresh baker’s sugar, sifted cake flour, real butter, hand-picked egg yolks, lemon zest and pure vanilla are added along with the finest selected chocolates when applicable.

3. Avoiding Cross-Contamination

Typically, all establishments where cakes for weddings are baked follow rigid safety guidelines. Special consideration is given to cross-contamination and the use of ingredients that may cause allergic reactions such as gluten or peanut products. Sweet Cherry Bakery can even handle gluten-free cakes or vegan cakes if you so choose.

4. Pre-Taste Experience

Insist on a pre-wedding cake tasting; moreover, leave your entourage of family, friends and neighbors at home because everyone has a different taste. You only need your own input and that of one other person at the most.

5. Method of Payment and Delivery

Keeping in mind that the simpler a cake design, the less it will cost, be prepared to pay up to 50 percent of the total price as a non-returnable deposit, at least one month before the cake is baked and the balance two weeks before the event. If not, your order will be canceled. Today, this usually runs about a $150 deposit as a minimum. Today, a slice of cake averages out to about $8.00 per slice and simpler wedding cakes run generally about $400. Generally, custom-made wedding cakes are delivered by the local cake bakery as accidents do happen.

Now, these are all average wedding cake prices we have heard over the years, so please don’t let those numbers scare you away. Call Sweet Cherry Bakery to schedule your appointment and get an accurate price estimate for the exact cake you want.

Quick Tips:

• While bakeries will accept cash, it is recommended that you pay everything with a credit card, and get an itemized statement of what services were ordered.
• If wedding plans call for an exterior location, then have a backup locality to place the cake in should it rain or to keep cold. It’s not going to be a pretty wedding cake if it’s all melted.