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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Flavor of Cake for Your Event

Planning large events can be stressful and time consuming. Choosing the best cake flavors for your big event, whether shopping for wedding cakes or specialty cakes, does not have to be taxing. Here are five tips to help you breeze through this tasty process from our Apex cake bakery.

1. Taste, taste, taste.
After you have chosen a bakery to make your custom cakes, request a tasting. It is the perfect way to taste a variety of flavors. These days bakeries have a plethora of flavors that shy away from the traditional vanilla, chocolate or marble cakes. Your favorite may end up being one that wasn’t on your radar.

2. Add just a touch of flavor with filling.
After trying all those delectable cakes, you may decide you just truly prefer a traditional vanilla for your specialty cakes but still want that pop of flavor. Adding a flavorful filling is the easiest way to develop tasty combinations and create your custom cakes.

3. Adultify your wedding cakes.
What is meant by this is, add flavorful liqueurs to the cake batter. From Kahlua to Limoncello, there are a wide variety of liqueurs that would taste wonderful in a moist cake.

4. Frosting or buttercream, how about both?
Fondant is typically used to cover the outside of wedding and specialty cakes. Though it looks smooth and beautiful or shaped and delicate, most people do not like the actual taste. There is a way for you and your guests to enjoy the cake without the overpowering taste of fondant. Simply ask your bakery to put a layer of buttercream, or chosen frosting, between the cake and outer layer of fondant. That way the fondant shell can be easily left behind and the delicious cake enjoyed.

5. Finally, love what you choose
Ultimately you are the one paying for and providing the cake for your guests. You have spent time, and maybe a few extra pounds, tasting and deciding which flavors tickle your taste buds. You want your specialty cake to be a flavor combination that you love and enjoy. There is no need to sweat the small stuff because honestly, if you love your cake, your guests will too.

Choosing the right flavor for your custom cake doesn’t have to be stressful. Call our Apex bakery now and enjoy the tasteful process.