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5 Tips to Ordering Custom Cakes for Corporate Events

If you are in charge of planning some type of corporate event for your business, you could be thinking about ordering a cake to commemorate the occasion and provide everyone with a sweet treat. You probably want to make sure that you get everything right when ordering from a custom cake bakery, so follow these tips for best results.

1. Know How Many People are Attending
First of all, you will need to know approximately how many people will be attending the event before you can order a cake. After all, you probably want to make sure that there is plenty of cake available for everyone, but you probably don’t want to spring for a cake that is going to leave behind plenty of leftovers. Once you have an approximate number for the guest list, someone from a corporate cake bakery can help you determine the right cake size for your event.

2. Take Food Allergies Into Consideration
If you know that any of your guests have food allergies or dietary preferences, make sure that you let someone from your corporate cake bakery know about these things. Many experienced bakers know how to work around various food allergies and dietary preferences and can bake a delicious cake that everyone can enjoy.

3. Think About the Purpose of the Event
The purpose of the event really does matter when you are ordering corporate event cakes. For example, you might want to get a little silly when creating a cake that’s just for your employees, but you will probably want the cake to be a bit more professional-looking if you are ordering it for an event that will be hosting clients or business associates. If you are stuck for ideas for what you would like for your corporate event cakes to look like, someone from your bakery should be able to help you. When all else fails, you can always go with a seasonal look, which will always look festive in just about any situation.

4. Order it in Advance
You do not want to wait until the last minute to order your cake. A good custom cake bakery might have a long waiting list, and you don’t want to end up looking for someone to bake a great cake at the last minute. Plus, if your bakery has more time, they can spend more time working with you to come up with the perfect cake and design.

5. Make Arrangements for Pick-Up
Make sure that you make arrangements for picking up your cake. It will need to be transported gently so that it is not damaged, so make sure that you keep this in mind. Some bakeries also offer delivery, which might be an option to look into if you are going to busy with coordinating everything on the day of the event.

As you can see, there are a few tips you can follow when ordering cakes for corporate events. If you contact Sweet Cherry Bakery today, we would love to talk to you about your upcoming event and the perfect cake for your guests.