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7 Event Planning Tips Every Children’s Birthday Party Needs

Event planning tips are useful when planning a child’s birthday party and help you avoid the stress often caused by planning anything for friends and family. Here are 7 event planning tips to help throw an unforgettable child’s birthday party.

1. Digital Invitations
Practically everyone has access to email and the internet. Skip paper invitations and go digital. With a digital invitation, you can create your invitation online and send it via e-mail. Most digital invitation services have a variety of designs and you should check out for a great tool!

2. Plan Early
Many people wait until the last minute when planning a child’s party. Waiting until the last minute usually results in overspending because you’re scrambling to buy everything at once. Give yourself enough time for ordering children’s birthday cakes, tableware, balloons and other goods.

3. Buy Inexpensive Treats and Decorations
You can find balloons and streamers at discount stores. These stores also have small items for gift bags. It’s also a good idea to check clearance aisles and discount sections at retail stores. These places often have discount sections for toys and trinkets.

4. Choose Simple Food
Children are likely to prefer hot dogs or pizza to crabs or shrimp. Forget the fancy menu and keep it simple. Hamburgers, pizza or chicken fingers should do the trick. Sneak in a healthy side dish such as sweet potato fries or apple slices.

5. Rent
It’s possible to buy just about anything for a child’s party. But why buy that fancy popcorn maker when you can rent? You can even rent chairs and tables. Unless you plan to use the items often, renting is an option.

6. Age-Appropriate Games
Games are a big part of any child’s birthday party. Make sure the games you choose are appropriate for the age group. Games like tag or Pin the Tail on the Donkey are appropriate for small children. Older children might prefer a scavenger hunt or dodgeball.

7. Order Children’s Birthday Cakes Early
A custom cake bakery is the best place to order children’s birthday cakes. You can order a cake unlike any you’d find in a grocery store. Because of this, a custom cake bakery, like Sweet Cherry Bakery in Apex NC, needs to receive your order as soon as possible.