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Are Cake Pops a Trend or New Staple to Parties?

For the past few years, cake pops have been appearing at parties, weddings, and events as the new go-to for cake treats. While cupcakes used to be the popular form of mini cakes, cake pops have been growing and growing in popularity, sometimes replacing cupcakes and even more traditional sheet cakes.

But are these little balls of cake on a stick here to stay? We think so!

Here are a few reasons we think cake pops are in it for the long haul:

1. They Are Easy to Eat
With traditional cakes and cupcakes, things can get messy, especially if you’re dealing with birthday parties for young children. Getting children to sit still while eating their cake is no easy task, but to get them to do so without getting crumbs and icing into every nook and cranny of their face and fingers is an even bigger task.

Because cake pops, also called “pops”, come right on a stick in bite-sized pieces of cake, they’re easy to eat and can be consumed on the go with little to no mess. Even for more sophisticated parties, such as weddings, pops can provide a great alternative for cake lovers who don’t want to slow down the party or dirty up a suit, dress or makeup.

2. They Don’t Require Additional Utensils
When you have a traditional sheet cake, there are a few other things you need to remember to purchase, including plates and forks. For big parties, these extra products can get expensive and leave you with a lot of garbage.

Pops are more environmentally and budget friendly, in this case!

3. They’re Fun
Pops are different than traditional cake, so they’re a fun addition to any party or event. There are dozens of cake pop ideas that can make your pops unique to your party. Because they are becoming so popular, our local Raleigh cake bakery is sure to make you happy with some of our own designs and flavors.

Adding pops to your event can give your party something different and out of the ordinary.

Cake has been a staple to parties, weddings, and events for as long as anyone can remember. But the ways that we choose to consume our cake is always adapting. We think the love for cake on a stick is here to stay and we will see the new staple of pops for years and years to come. If you’re ready to discuss cake pop ideas for your next party, wedding, or event, contact our cake bakery today.