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Are Custom Cakes Too Cool To Eat? Our Apex Bakery Says NO!

Custom cakes are for people who don’t want a boring old cake with white frosting and a few flowers. They’re for people who want more personalized cakes that reflect their personality or at least their interests or favorite movie. This is where our Apex, NC cake shop comes into the mix (pun intended) to create you any type of custom cake you can think of! Literally!

What’s the Deal with Custom Cakes?

Most custom cakes are decorated with fondant, a kind of icing made from sugar, water, glycerol and gelatin. It has a clay-like texture that makes it useful in sculpting and shaping the elaborate decorations seen on personalized cakes.

Our cake bakery near Cary, Sweet Cherry Bakery, are apparently sorcerers to some customers who are blown away by our execution in their design or vision. We once created an edible replication of the Raleigh Durham Airport for the first flight from Raleigh to Paris! Runways, planes, terminals and all.

The magic lies in the cake’s interior, which boasts several concentric layers including chocolate cake at its core. Our wizards are happy to make a cake version of anything you need or feel would be appropriate for your next event or special occasion.

So, Can You Eat These Masterpieces?

Absolutely! Dig right in, even if it causes you to think twice about ruining such a cool piece of food. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures! Especially before, during and after. Share them with us and post to Facebook and Instagram to share with your out of town friends and family! Who doesn’t love cake? Especially one which is so cool and unique!

Would you like a custom cake of your own? Call us today!