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Are You Baking With the Best to Create a Custom Cake of Your Own?

What Are Your Cake Baking Must-Haves?

Custom cakes can be hard to make if you don’t have the right tools. Whether you’re a beginner cook or advanced baker, here are your must-haves:

  • A baking sheet to put your dough on.
  • Wax paper – if you’re dealing with really sticky or otherwise hard-to-work with dough, this is a must. It helps everything from sliding around!
  • Frosting bag and piping tips – a cake bakery near Cary uses these to create different shapes and textures with the frosting. On your own cake, try experimenting with different size and shape piping tips to get the look you want.
  • Rolling pin – to even out your dough.
  • Cookie cutters – while these are essential for making fun cookie shapes, especially for sugar cookies, they can also be used to cut out unique shapes to beautifully decorate custom cakes.
  • Cooling trays in a variety of sizes – these will help make your prize creation cool evenly.
  • Timer – if you are doing multiple batches or need to switch temperatures halfway through the project, this will help keep you on track.
  • Mixing bowl – these are useful for mixing wet and dry ingredients either together or separately.
  • Measuring cups and measuring spoons – some ingredients just can’t be eyeballed and need a more precise measurement. Experts recommend that, for your own creation, a stainless steel measuring spoon set will help you measure your ingredients without them sticking to the sides.

How To Make A Custom Cake

The custom cakes at a Cary NC cake shop are made to order based on the customer’s imagination. When you are creating a custom cake of your own, consider what you want it for: are you celebrating your daughter’s swim meet or your son’s soccer game? Is there a work or personal anniversary coming up that you’re looking to commemorate? All of these considerations will shape what you want your cake to look like.

Size is another important issue to consider. Are you looking for a towering cake, or is a smaller one more your style? A Cary NC cake shop will work with you to find the size that’s perfect for you and your event. At home, use a cake measuring tape (yep, it’s a thing) to accurately gauge the size of your cake. No matter the size, it’s bound to look amazing.

Meta Description: Making a custom cake at home doesn’t need to be challenging. Here’s how a cake bakery near Cary achieves beautiful results – and how you can, too.