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Are Your Cakes Ready To Be Decorated?

Cake decorating is the ultimate way to enhance the beauty of a favorite dessert, personalize it and boost its high-end attractiveness in sheer minutes.

If you’re anxious to bake amazing decorated cakes, there are essentials every cake professional uses to deliver that wow factor when the finished product is presented.

Take Advice From The Cake Experts

Our Apex cake shop is proud of our award-winning cake decorators, so we know a thing or two about designing stunning edible centerpieces. We’ve included our list of the ideal tools and cake things you need for baking custom cakes.

Proper Pans & Sharp Knives

Cake pans are key, and the pros use pans with straight sides to bake custom cakes in. That ensures even sides when cutting every time. When releasing your cake from the pan, you want a smooth exit, so a sharp knife is necessary. X-Acto knives offer pinpoint precision.

Wax Paper No-Go

When the genius of parchment paper is around, who needs wax paper? Parchment paper delivers the ultimate release every time one is placed in the bottom of your cake pan. Clean-up is quick and mess-free with parchment paper.

Rollers, Smoothers & More

Small and large fondant rollers are superior to traditional rolling pins because they can achieve an ultra-thinness when needed. Smoothers cover a cake in fondant with accuracy and zero air bubbles. A bench-scraper and off-set spatula create a professional icing appearance. No crumbs, only the perfect, final coat.

Fondant’s Best Friends

Expert decorators always keep shortening and powdered sugar or cornstarch around. The first keeps fondant workable, and the latter keeps it from sticking.

Cake Protectors

Cake boards and cake drums were invented to keep your masterpiece held together and with stability around it.

Lazy Susan & Paintbrushes

For decorated cakes, a turntable creates evenly balanced steps like filling, crumb coating, etc. Paintbrushes are also ideal for adorning fondant decorations.

Our cake shop near Cary NC can cover all those intricate details when you choose them for your custom cakes. You won’t have to lift a finger or turn on the oven. We’re the leaders in delicious and visually gorgeous decorated cakes. Call Sweet Cherry Bakery near Cary to place your order today!