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Are Your Cupcakes Rising to the Occasion?

If you dream of making beautiful cupcakes that rise easily above their wrappers, then you there are several things that you need to think about as you prepare them. Following these easy tips will allow you to make cupcakes that rise to any occasion.

Tip 1: Check Your Dates

Start by checking your dates on your ingredients. In particular, look at the date on the baking soda or powder. It is easy to let it get old if you do not bake often. You should never be using baking soda or powder that is older than 18 months old. Most professional bakers never use an opened box or tin that is older than 6 months because it will not react properly with other ingredients in your cupcakes causing them to be flat.

Tip 2: Measure Carefully

While you will see experienced cooks add a little of this or that without ever measuring, the owner of a cupcake shop near Raleigh says, it is essential that beginning cooks measure each ingredient carefully. Pour dry ingredients into a properly sized measuring cup. Then, run the blade of a knife across the top to make sure that the cup has no big air bubbles or that you have not overfilled the cup. Measure liquid ingredients in a cup sat on a flat surface. The wrong amount of different ingredients can easily make cupcakes go flat, according to the owner of a cupcake shop near Raleigh.

Tip 3: Read the Instructions Carefully

Take the time to read the directions carefully before you start making custom cupcakes, according to a Raleigh cupcakes shop owner. In particular, note how long you need to beat the cupcake mixture. Beating too much air into the cupcakes can cause them to rise rapidly once you put them into the oven. Unfortunately, this usually results in cupcakes that fall flat before they are baked completely.

Tip 4: Fill the Cupcake Wrappers Perfectly

It is essential to fill the cupcake wrappers perfectly. Use a spoon to place the mixture in the middle of the wrapper taking care not to spill it on the edges. Make sure to fill each wrapper ¾ full as filling it too full can result in your cupcakes going flat. Overfilling wrappers gives them no room to expand. Alternatively, putting too much batter in each wrapper can also result in flat cupcakes.

When you follow these four easy tips, then your cupcakes will rise to any occasion. If you still cannot make perfect custom cupcakes, then make sure to give us a call for your cupcakes near Raleigh. Our Raleigh cupcakes shop will be glad to make the cupcakes for your special occasion.