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Bake a Flawless Cake with These 6 Tips from Our Apex Cake Shop

There are several tips that a person can use in order to bake a flawless cake.

#1. The first tip to baking custom cakes is to make sure that you prep everything before you start. This means you will need to read through the recipe very carefully. Then you can get all of your ingredients together before you mix the batter together. Measure all of your ingredients in place them in the order that they are going to be used.

#2. The second one of the cake baking tips is to only use the ingredients that are name brand. For example, if you buy the store brand sugar, it is probably going to be ground up more so you will end up using more sugar. This will cause your cake to fall. Then the store brand butter might have more fat in it and flour with a lot more of hard wheat in it, so your cake is gong to be very heavy.

#3. The third tip that is used at the Apex cake shop is to be accurate. This means that you will need to measure all of those ingredients carefully. The extra sugar or shortening will cause the cake to fall and the extra flour will make it dry. You can also use an oven thermometer to check the temperature of the oven.

#4. The fourth tip to baking custom cakes is to make sure that you have all of the ingredients at room temperature. This is going to help to make sure that your cake has a lot of volume.

#5. The fifth one of the cake baking tips is to not overbeat your cake mixture. The eggs need to be added one at a time and beat them until the yellow disappears. If the eggs are overbeat then the batter might overflow on the sides of the pan. The crust could also crumble and separate when the cake is cooling off.

The last tip that our Apex cake shop uses is to how to make sure that your cake is done. The best way to do this is to put a long wooden toothpick into the center of the cake. If the batter does not cling to the toothpick and it comes out clean, then you will know that the cake is done.