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Cake Pop Troubleshooting Tips from our Raleigh Bakery

Cake pops are one of those things that look so adorable and pretty in the magazine, but are actually really difficult to pull off! In today’s post our expert Raleigh baker shares some tips on fixing cake pops that aren’t quite ready for the cover of Good Housekeeping.

What to do if your cake pops aren’t round

If your cake pops aren’t round, the trouble is in the frosting. Either a) you didn’t use enough, causing the cake pop to fall apart, or b) you used too much, making it way too sticky! The idea consistency should be like play-dough: not too dry, and not too thin.

What to do if your cake pops fall apart

Again, this is because you did not use enough frosting! Add a bit more, and re-roll until you’ve got the right consistency.

What to do if my cake pop slides of the stick

There are several reasons why a cake pop might be falling off the stick. Usually, it’s because you have dipped your cake pops right away, rather than letting them rest in the fridge or freezer to firm up. This is extremely important—the cake needs to be cool and stable to stay up on the stick!

Another common reason is that the cake pop is too big. We usually weigh our pops, and we’ve found that 20g is a good goal to aim for. Or, try to keep them about 1.5 inches in diameter.

Finally, you may have used too much frosting, making the cake ball way too soft and unstable. Add more cake, rest them in the fridge, and try again!

Are my cake pop candy melts too thick?

Okay, we lied—there is another reason why your cake pop might slide down the stick, and that is that your candy melts are too thick. It’s important that the chocolate is smooth, thin, and even. The best way to do this is mixing in vegetable oil or coconut oil. However, be careful not to add too much oil, or the candy melt won’t stick to the cake pop.

While we’re speaking of candy melts, pay attention to the temperature. If your candy melts are too hot, they’ll get all lumpy. The same will happen if water gets into them.

Skip the headache—order your cake pops from a Raleigh bakery!

Want to know the easiest way to avoid all these cake pop troubles? Have someone else bake them! An experienced baker will be able to avoid all these pitfalls and hand you cake pops that are beautiful, delicious, and ready to eat! If you live in Raleigh and would like to order cake pops for a wedding, birthday, or other event, please give us a call!