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Cakes or Cupcakes for Your Wedding: 6 Tips to Help You Decide

After hours of dancing and dining on decadent cuisine, your guests are likely eager for some dessert. In order to please their palates and your own, keep these tips in mind when selecting your wedding cake or wedding cupcakes.

Dietary Restrictions

When ordering wedding cakes, you should articulate dietary considerations to our Cary NC wedding cake bakery. For example, you may need a Kosher wedding cake to honor religious traditions. On the other hand, you or your partner might keep a gluten-free diet, and selecting a dessert that you can enjoy too is imperative.


Whether you’re selecting custom cupcakes or a traditional wedding cake, avoiding all allergies of every guest at your wedding is likely impossible, especially if you’re hosting a large affair. For a smaller celebration, however, you may have the ability to purchase a cake that entirely avoids allergens. At the least, you can select wedding cakes that you and your partner can eat without fear of a reaction.


Upon selecting flavors for your wedding cake, you sometimes have to choose between what you and your partner like and what the majority of your guests like. If you have a palate that doesn’t please many, you may end up with a great deal of leftover wedding cake. On the other hand, you should select custom cupcakes or a wedding cake that you would like to eat. Consider choosing a cake that allows you have multiple flavors. For example, you could have different layers with different flavors.


When you are ordering a wedding cake, you may be tempted to say that you want a cake for fewer guests than you plan to have at the wedding in order to cut costs. Instead of taking this approach and potentially leaving some guests without cake, let our Cary wedding cake bakery know that you have a strict budget to follow.

Ask About Leftovers

Even if you plan every detail precisely, you still may end up with leftover wedding cake. Seeing food go into the garbage can present both emotional and moral dilemmas, so ask what happens with the leftovers. Also, you may want to follow the tradition of saving the top for your one-year anniversary; therefore, you’ll want to be sure that the cake comes home with you.


Many wedding cakes and cupcakes are white, but that doesn’t mean yours has to be. You may wish to select frosting or fondant of your favorite color as a couple, or you might want the cake to match the wedding colors.

When you sit down with our wedding cake or cupcake designer, be honest with your expectations and your budget. Doing so can help to provide you with a stunning cake that tastes delicious, too.