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Call Our Apex & Raleigh Cake Shop to Satisfy Your Sweet This Fall Season

Fall is undoubtedly baking season. Every corner you turn in fall seems to have an enticing aroma attached to it, the weather is chilly enough to have the ovens cranking all day, and everyone feels less guilty about eating thick and rich desserts. Most forget, however, that there are so many flavors of this season and not enough of them are given credit to for baking. Keep the apples, the cinnamon, and the nutmeg, but never forget the other zany elements of this perfect season. Cakes for fall are especially perfect due to the monthly holidays and reasons for celebrations, and the best local cake shops understand what it takes to produce these works of art.

Guidelines for Choosing the Right Cakes for Fall

Keep It Rich

Autumn desserts have a funny way of seeming unhealthy while concurrently being fresh, less in calories, and nutritious. However, desserts should be thick enough to keep a person full, satisfied, and ready to tackle the impending cold.

Use Seasonal Flavors

As previously mentioned, cinnamon and apples are mouthwatering, specifically when they are paired together. There are a multitude of other fall flavors, though, and it is important to make use of them while they are here. Some of the greatest, in season produce includes:

  • Quince: Almost a like an apple and a pear; perfect for baking.
  • Winter squash: Perfect for moist bread, cakes, and even cookies.
  • Sweet potatoes: What is more delicious than a sweet potato pie? A moist, rich sweet potato cake, of course!
  • Pears: When apples become slightly boring, swap them for juicy pears.
  • Pumpkins: Some of the moistest cakes are made with pumpkins. Spicy pumpkin frosting is perfect for a spice cake, too.
  • Figs: Delicious for the inside of cakes for fall and gorgeous as a decoration on top.

Why Custom Cakes from the Best Local Cake Shop?

A cornucopia of benefits are associated with purchasing custom cakes from a local bakery and most of them coincide with flavor. Not only do professionals understand which flavors work well together, but they understand the appropriate ratios necessary for each individual taste to pop. In addition to flavor, local bakeries know a thing or two about fall decor and what will complete any autumn table, so they incorporate stunning elements into each cake, cookie, and pie.

In sum, local bakeries are ideal for taking care of all of your fall needs. Combating against the chilly night air is made easy with a delectable autumn cake, so why not contact our bakery for one today?