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Choosing Vegan & Gluten Free Cakes from Sweet Cherry Bakery

Dietary restrictions are getting more common. Some of that trend comes from medical advances that make it easier to detect allergies and diseases that can lead to a restricted diet. Some of it comes from people who choose a restricted diet because of their moral convictions. Regardless of the reason, it is becoming more important accommodate these diets at events. Gluten free cakes may seem strange, but your local cake shop can help you find something that everyone can enjoy.

Gluten Free Cakes

Some people choose a gluten free diet in the hope of losing weight, but many people are forced to have one by serious diseases. Accidental wheat exposure can send them to the hospital, so they have to be very careful about what they eat. A gluten free cake can make a great impression on them, since so few events can accommodate their dietary needs.

There are nearly as many options are there are for traditional cakes, and your local cake shop should be able to provide many of them by request. Cupcakes can be a particularly good choice, since they allow you to have traditional and gluten free options without having too much leftover cake after the event. If you choose cupcakes, be sure to keep the traditional and gluten free cakes separate to prevent people from accidentally exposing themselves to gluten.

Vegan Cakes

Vegan cakes are fairly easy to find. Some recipes are naturally vegan, while others need to use a few substitutions to remove all of their animal ingredients. The trick to finding a vegan cake is to check the ingredient list thoroughly. Even if a cake doesn’t include eggs or milk, it might include an animal-based dye in the frosting. The best way to be sure is to ask the bakers at your local cake shop to make sure that the cake and all of its decorations are vegan.

Be sure to tell your guests if you have a vegan cake. Most vegans will play it safe and avoid eating a food rather than risk accidentally breaking their diet, and many of them feel awkward about asking a host if a cake is vegan. Clearly labeling the cake skips all of the awkwardness while still letting the guests know that it is safe for them to eat.

If you need help finding a cake that meets your dietary needs, give us a call right away so we can find the recipe that is right for you.