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Choosing Your Next Awesome Cake Pattern from the Best Cake Bakery Raleigh NC Has!

So, just like fashion, you can easily accessorize any cake with a stylish pattern. Cake patterns can help set the mood for parties, highlight themes, add accents to layers, or they can even reflect your own personality. Sweet Cherry Bakery, loves adding patterns to cakes, or replicating a special pattern for our customers.

We know it can be overwhelming having to choose one out of many cake patterns! So let us give you a hand. We selected some of the most popular cake pattern choices from weddings, birthdays, showers and more!

We hope this helps you out, and once you’ve chosen your favorite, you let us create that one-of-a-kind cake for you!

16th Birthday Cake

One of the most popular cake pattern choices is chevron. Chevron is reminiscent of an art deco style and was a popular look in the 1920’s. But nowadays, chevron can jazz up any event with its repetitive v’s, in the exact color you desire.

damask pattern wedding cake

If you’re looking for a more elegant design for your cake, the damask pattern provides the illusion of woven flowers and vines, like an intricate tapestry. These cakes are beautiful and eye-catching, usually with bold, unique colors.

Damask doesn’t have to be for weddings or formal events only. You can create a fun birthday cake using a damask pattern as well!
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Unique Patterns
Perhaps you have a cake pattern in mind that’s all your own! If so, patterns can be recreated on cakes to your liking. For example, animal print cakes, sports themed cakes, cartoon cakes, or just something very specific you might want. Anything you’re thinking of can be done!

NY Yankees Birthday Cake

Transformers cake

Gucci Purse and Money Sculpted cake

animal print cake

It doesn’t matter what you have in mind, with the right bakery, you can have the cake you have been thinking of! Remember that choosing the right bakery is very important to the success of your cake. You might have the best idea ever, but if the bakers don’t translate it well, then you might end up with a cake you don’t like.

Avoid that kind of hassle by taking some time to research for a bakery that will understand your ideas and that they have the enough expertise to create your cake.

Sweet Cherry Bakery understands how important a cake is, and how it can change the entire mood of a party. So if you are still unsure who will take care of your next cake, then contact us today! Our cakes are made with so much care and it will for sure WOW everyone at your party!

We hoped this quick guide helped you out and like we said before, we hope you let us create that one-of-a-kind cake for you!