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Custom Wedding Cakes & Cupcakes… Sweet Treats for Any Occasion

When you think about wedding cakes, you might think of the large designs that feature flowers, fountains and other decorations that are sometimes extravagant. While these cakes are still used, there are some couples who are using smaller cakes and even cupcakes as a way to have a sweet treat at the reception.

The Dazzling Image
The idea of a cake at a wedding started in Roman times. The cake was often made with wheat, which was a symbol of fertility. Crumbs were gathered by guests as good luck charms. There are a few different kinds of custom cakes that you can get. A bakery can create almost any design that you can imagine so that you have the special day that you desire.

Fit For A Groom
The groom’s cake is one that is smaller than the wedding cake. It is often cut by the couple before the wedding cake is cut. Some will take this cake home to freeze so that it can be enjoyed on the first anniversary. This is one of the custom cakes that can have a design that is appropriate for the groom, such as a hunting theme or a car.

One reason as to why the cake is important is that it can help set the theme of the wedding. The colors and designs used often match the rest of the wedding, combining the reception with the ceremony. When you begin looking at wedding cakes, make sure you sample a few different flavors. Some flavors are best used during certain times of the year, such as chocolate in the winter and vanilla or strawberry in the spring and summer. Cupcakes make it easier to have different flavors, and you can have them arranged in a shape instead of tiers.

When it’s time to start planning the reception for your wedding, contact our custom wedding cake bakery to request a custom order.