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Our Garner Wedding Bakery Shares Five Reasons to Choose Cupcakes Over a Wedding Cake

Cupcakes For a Wedding? Here’s Why It’s a Good Idea

It’s becoming more and more of a trend for brides to offer cupcakes at their weddings instead of cakes—and we think it’s a great idea. Sure, you might miss out on the big cake cutting ceremony, but you’ll save big time on money, hassle, and the stress of making sure everyone is happy. Here are the top 5 reasons why cupcakes for a wedding is a great idea.

They’re (Usually) Cheaper

It’s true that custom cupcakes can sometimes be more expensive than a wedding cake—but that’s only if you pile on the decorations and toppings. As long as you keep the design simple, you should be able to have perfect, classic wedding cupcakes without breaking the bank.

You Can Have Multiple Flavor Options

It’s hard enough to please 10 people, let alone 200. If you’re stressing on which flavor to order because you want to please all your guests, cupcakes let you present different options for a wide range of palates.

No Stress About Portions

Splitting a cake with a ton of people can be stressful because you can’t be sure that there will be enough for everyone. Cupcakes are an easy grab-and-go solution that lets you calculate exactly how much your guests will eat. For instance, you could plan on 2 cupcakes per person, and some backups for those who want thirds.

More Freedom And Less Dishes

Cupcakes come in their own little wrapper and can be eaten with your fingers, unlike cake which requires a plate and fork. That means your guests can have more freedom of movement, especially for an outdoor or beach wedding—instead of being stuck at the food area, guests can drift around and chat with one another while they finish off their treats. And you’ll have less plates to wash, too.

They’re More Modern and Fun

If you’re a fun, funky guy or gal that doesn’t care much for tradition, having cupcakes at your wedding is a good way to make an event that’s truly you. You’ve guests will feel that it’s a carefree, unconventional choice for a carefree, unconventional person.

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