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Fun Tips from Our Local Bakery to Host a Cookie Decorating Party for Kids

If you are looking for a great party idea for your child — whether for the holiday season, for a birthday or just because — one great idea is to host a cookie decorating party. This can be fun for kids of all ages, and it can even be fun for adults, too. These are a few fun tips that can help you put together the perfect cookie decorating party for kids.

Buy Cookies from a Local Cookie Bakery

If you would like to skip all of the hassle of baking cookies and get to the fun part — and if you’d like to avoid dealing with burnt cookies or cookies that otherwise might not turn out well — you can consider buying them from a local cookie bakery rather than baking them yourself. You’ll probably want some standard sugar cookies to decorate, but you may want to pick out a few other tasty flavors as well.

Purchase Supplies

Along with needing cookies, you will need other supplies as well. You will need a few pastry bags with different-sized tips so that the kids can pipe on frosting while they are decorating their creations. You will also need frosting in different colors or white frosting and food coloring so that you can create a few colors of your own. Sprinkles in different colors and styles are also a must-have!

Set Up Work Stations

You probably do not want for the kids to be fighting over the pastry bags or the sprinkles while they’re decorating, so consider setting up a separate station for each child to work on his or her custom cookies.

For example, cover up a long table with a tablecloth that you don’t mind staining and getting dirty. Then, set up paper plates for each child so that he or she will have a place to work on his or her decorated cookies. Put out a few small bowls of sprinkles and other accompaniments, and set up each child with a pastry bag that is filled with icing. Then, each child will be able to get started with working on his or her decorated cookies.

As you can see, hosting a cookie decorating party where each guest can make his or her own custom cookies can be a lot of fun, and it can be totally easy to set up. If you contact our local Cary, Apex and Raleigh bakery, you can find out more about ordering cookies for your event.