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How Cake Pops From Our Local Bakery Can Boost Employee Morale

In the workplace today, it’s hard to find unique rewards and pick-me-ups for employees. Many employers have seen their hires working overtime, giving everything possible to complete tasks required of them. With all the stress and demands in the workplace, company morale can skydive quickly when the days drag on with little to no change in the status quo. Candy bowls can help, but chocolates and mints can only do so much. Fresh fruit is a nice change, but if not eaten quickly, more may be thrown away than consumed. How can a boss show proper appreciation to their taskforce?

Enter the World of Cake Pops

We’ve seen cakes or cupcakes brought in for someone’s birthday, but what exactly is a cake pop? According to Angie Dudley, the original creator of the cake pop and the blog Bakerella, the cake pop is “crumbled cake mixed with frosting and rolled or shaped into bite-size balls”. These yummy morsels are then submerged in melted candy wafers and served on a stick, much like a lollipop. This mode of having your cake and eating it too works well for those who don’t want a full slice of cake or dealing with the handful eating situation a cupcake can be. The lollipop design is ideal for a quick bite of something sweet to brighten your day! Since their creation in 2008, bakeries and amateur bakers alike have taken a shine to seeing what creations of this genre they can concoct! A quick Google search for “cake pops near me” will showcase page after page of many a local custom bakery that specializes in the subject. Cake pops in Raleigh NC alone come in many shapes, sizes and colors!

Why Choose Cake Pops?

Having sweets in the workplace has many advantages. They allow for coworkers to interact with each other over a tasty morsel. Many employees will reward themselves for a job well done with a treat to give a sugar boost before moving on. A boss with treats in his office available to one and all gives off an air of friendliness and caring. Going with cake pops is a surprising and welcome move. Have them decked in company colors! Add sprinkles or have them in a unique shape to intrigue your employees! Go for classic tastes such as red velvet or chocolate!

To provide a ray of sunshine for the workplace, try out cake pops! A local custom bakery that will fit any budget is as close as searching “cake pops near me”. Employees will be thrilled to try a new treat in the office and feel pumped to keep performing at their best.