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How Much Cake Should I Get for My Wedding?

Sweet Cherry Bakery has this question come up all the time when brides-to-be are planning their wedding. Luckily, you can pull from the experiences of all the brides, bakers and our ideas when deciding how much cake to order from your chosen custom wedding cake. Let’s look at what should be considered when determining an appropriate wedding cake size.

What Factors Affect Cake Size?

Any given custom cake bakery may have their own recommendations on how much cake to order. The shape of your wedding cake will make a difference in how many slices can be cut from it. Apex wedding cakes are among the best, so it is safe to say that most of your guests will be interested in a piece. The bakery handling your custom wedding cake needs can help you determine how many servings are provided by each size of cake.

Things to Consider

  • Are you active in the military?
  • Are you very active in church
  • Is your extended family very close?

The factors above tend to lead to higher cake consumption, simply because a higher percentage of the guests you invite will attend.

The Rule of Thumb

It is often recommended that the cake is ordered for 60% of those invited to the wedding. It is important not to order for 60% of those who RSVP to help you polish off your Apex wedding cake, but for those INVITED.

If you fall into any of the categories listed above, you may want to order cake for closer to 75% of those invited. 75% is typically appropriate for those who expect a very large turnout.

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