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Importance of Bridal Shower Cakes from Sweet Cherry Bakery in Apex

While some may argue that if a couple has been living together before marriage, they don’t necessarily need a bridal shower, it’s still a time for most to celebrate a time-honored tradition and allow others to celebrate the happy occasion. If a couple is taking the next step in their relationship, they deserve a chance to celebrate, and cake is vital to the event.

Whatever side you fall on this issue, it’s a fact that bridal showers are still happening. Elaborate cakes for bridal shower has become expected too. A shower cake isn’t a bit of baked goods that are made in a mom’s kitchen. When taking the time to celebrate a bridal shower, brides-to-be want cakes that are worthy of photos on Pinterest. The types of bridal shower cakes will depend on the budget, amount of guests expected and the desires of the bride and family.

Amount of Guests

The number of guests to the shower will influence how much money that is spent on the cake itself. If there will only be five people standing around the gift table, you might only need a small cake. That doesn’t mean it can’t be a stunning cake though.

Budget for the Cake

Budget for the cake will depend on the size, whether it’s 2 or 3 tiers. If the bride has talked about the theme for the wedding already, the cake could be reminiscent of that. For example, if she’s having a vintage wedding, a beautiful version of the wedding cake can be made for the bride. It will also give her a taste of what her wedding cake will look like for the big day. It could be like a trial run.

Custom Cake Shop Orders

When ordering the cake, the bride or the family should order it with enough time to spare. The bridal shower cakes should be ordered weeks or even months before the bridal shower itself. While it won’t be as elaborate as the wedding cake, a custom cake shop still has to have time to prepare it.

Call us, or click here to place a custom order for cakes for bridal shower parties as soon as possible. Our bakery can help with custom designs and give you a cake that’ll rival your wedding cake on the big day.