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Learn How to Host the Perfect Cookie Swap From Our Raleigh Baker

Cookie swaps are, in our opinion, one of the best types of holiday get-togethers. They’re casual; they’re easy to throw together; and everyone leaves with an assortment of cookies—what’s not to love? Plus, they’re pretty affordable—no need to buy everyone an expensive gift or flashy new dress. As long as you’ve got an extra $10 (or less, depending on how much you like baking), you’re good to go. Below are some tips on how to throw the perfect Christmas cookie exchange party from our Raleigh bakery!

What Is a Cookie Swap?

If you’ve never heard of a cookie swap/cookie exchange party, it’s pretty simple. Every guest brings a plate full of cookies (enough for everyone on the guest list.) Then every guest takes one of your cookies, and you do the same. The result is that everyone only has to bring one kind of cookie, but goes home with dozens of different treats! It’s a fun way to introduce some tasty variety into your cookie diet.

Making the Invitations 

When putting together your guest list, it’s a good idea to invite at least six people. That gives each guest at least six different kinds of cookies to take home. Of course, the more the merrier, right? Once you’ve compiled your list, sent out invitations with instructions and rules. Instructions might include:

  • Whether or not it’s o.k. to bring store-bought or bakery-made cookies
  • Whether guests need to tell you which type of cookie they’ll make (so you can avoid ending up with 5 different versions of chocolate chip)
  • How many cookies they should bring to accommodate each guest (remember to account for cookies eaten at the party itself)
  • Whether they should bring other, non-cookie food, or if food will be provided (more on this below)
  • Whether they should bring their own tin (you can also provide tins from the local dollar store)
  • Whether they have any allergies you should know about
  • Whether they should bring a nonperishable food item or a clothing item for a local charity

Setting Up the Party

Aside from the usual Christmas decorations, you should also set up a special table to display everyone’s cookies along with their recipes. You might also consider providing snacks, appetizers, or an easy meal like spaghetti or chili. Don’t forget the drinks– eggnog, hot cocoa, coffee, wine, and tea are all great options. Lastly, you might want to create a party playlist full

Competition Time!

Many cookie exchanges have a taste test competition wrapped in! Give your guests taste test ballots so they can select their favorite cookies according to various categories (tastiness, attractiveness, creativity, etc.) Consider offering fun, cookie-themed prizes for the winners, like cookbooks, a cookie jar, baking equipment, oven mitts, or an apron. Hopefully, you will have so much fun at your cookie swap that it becomes an annual tradition!

Need Raleigh Bakery for All Your Holiday Events?

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