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Navigating A New Normal With Wedding Cupcakes. We Got Your Back!

Every bride dreams about her perfect wedding. The venue will be decorated to her tastes. The dress will be stunning on her figure. The food will be superb with the cake being the breathtaking tasty masterpiece it was always meant to be! How quickly such dreams can be dashed thanks to COVID-19! Thanks to social distancing, more care in planning must be taken. Certain venues are not available, and guest lists must be shortened. With all these changes, having a large decorated cake may not be the best choice. What’s a bride to do! In times like these, wedding cupcakes in Raleigh NC may be your saving grace.

Enter the Wedding Cupcake

We are all familiar with the humble cupcake. Perfect for baby showers, birthdays, or even for an evening alone watching your favorite show, we all enjoy a good cupcake! Since COVID-19 entered our lives, many bakeries have advertised that they can provide wedding cupcakes for your special day. Many a bride has chosen to go the cupcake route due to social distancing enforcements. A wedding cupcake bakery is more than willing to customize an order to meet the bride’s vision and provide a show stopping treat for the guests.

Why go with Wedding Cupcakes?

Thanks to downsized weddings, having a large cake where a group of people surround to have a slice doesn’t sound as safe as it used to. Going with wedding cupcakes allows for everyone to have a sweet treat, but to also partake of it safely. Such confections can be individually packaged for extra peace of mind. Wedding cupcakes in Raleigh NC can be as breathtaking as a full fledged cake! A wedding cupcake bakery is able to create amazing displays that will showcase the treats and create a centerpiece to wow everyone attending. Inside Weddings says that going with cupcakes for the wedding is “a wonderful way to embrace indecisiveness.” You can go with multiple flavor combinations to appease one and all or even provide for those with food allergies.

A wedding is meant to be a special occasion for everyone to celebrate the bride and groom as they begin their life together. Don’t let COVID-19 take the sparkle out of your special day! Contact a wedding cupcake bakery near you to continue your journey to happily ever after!