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Our Bakery in Apex Shares 5 Ways to Take Your Cake Up A Notch

Cakes are definitely a statement to your party. It doesn’t matter the colors you decide to go for, the shape or size of the cake, it will always be something that your guests will be looking out for.

What if you’ve had every type of cake you could think of and you want to come up with something different now? Are you having trouble thinking of some design for you next cake? Let us help you out!

Let us give you a couple of ideas on how to kick your next cake up a notch!

1. Add Some Glitter

Who doesn’t love glitter? No matter what the occasion is, glitter on cake will always look amazing! You don’t have to overly pack the cake with glitter, but some shimmer on parts of cake will add so much more to the cake! It can be a wedding cake, birthday cake, baby shower cake, bridal shower, anniversary, etc… It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, glitter will definitely take your cake up a notch!

2. Give Your Cake Some Height

Literally, take it up a notch! Do not be afraid to play with the height to achieve the look you want. It is easy to achieve height when serving a number of guests, but when you have a smaller gathering you can create height by adding a cake stand. Cake stands come in all different heights and can be mixed and matched to create a more dramatic presentation.

3. Add a Figurine

Adding a figurine topper is a fun way to personalize your cake for someone special. Small figurines are most popular in first birthday cakes! What other way can you make a cake more fun than by adding something that will look like a small toy to the kids. But these don’t only have to go in first birthday cakes; you can literally add them to any kind of cake you want!

4. Have a Sculpted Cake Created

Sculpted cakes offer a unique way to display the celebrant’s hobbies, special interests or theme for that special day. We love creating sculpted cakes, but remember these complex cakes do cost more due to the additional labor involved, so they may not be appropriate for every customer. A sculpted cake would be a great idea for any birthday event! You just give us the idea and we transform your ideas into a delicious sculpted cake.

5. Add a Personalized Monogram

Monograms are just lovely, and by adding these you are also adding a nice touch and is an elegant way to personalize your special event. Monograms are most popular in wedding cakes, but you can sure add them to any type of cake you want!

These are only a few ways we recommend that will definitely make your cake stand out, but these are not the only ones. If you have any other idea for your next cake, just let us know and we can sure create the cake of your dreams.

Here at Sweet Cherry Bakery in Apex, we are committed to give the cake you have been dreaming of, so visit us today to learn more about our cakes and other specialty sweets!