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Our Custom Cake Baker Shares Small Cake Ideas For Small Parties

When it comes to celebrating, no food sets the scene like cake. We bake or order one for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or even the fact that it’s Friday! There’s just something about having a slice of the baked confection slathered with frosting and topped with an array of decorations that is hard to beat. With the many instances for celebrating, we sometimes opt for a smaller portion. Many people turn to cupcakes, but let’s not forget the subtle elegance of the mini cake!

What’s a Mini Cake?

Lindy Smith from Lindy’s Cakes defines a mini cake as a “small cake, usually between 5cm (2in) and 10cm (4in)” in diameter. Think of it like a normal tier cake shrunk down to cupcake size. Many custom cakes in Raleigh are mini cakes. These adorable stacks of goodness can be decked out in a variety of ways! From colored batters to decorative frosting to sprinkles and beyond, mini cakes can easily become Raleigh NC event cakes!

 Mini Cake Ideas

Don’t underestimate the impact of a well decorated mini cake just because of its stature! A custom cake bakery can concoct a sweet that shall captivate all you behold and partake of it! Here are some popular ideas that you can try on your Raleigh NC event cakes:

  1. Mermaid Mini Cakes: Make a splash with this brightly hued set of mini cakes. A pretty purple batter baked to perfection and topped with blue frosting, graham cracker “sand”, and edible shells or pearls will delight any mermaid-loving birthday girl!
  2. Mini Chocolate Cakes: It’s hard to go wrong with pure chocolate goodness! Topped with sprinkles or even more chocolate will give anyone a reason to celebrate!
  3. Jungle Animal Mini Cakes: Perfect for a first birthday or any animal-themed bash, these brightly hued cakes are an adorable addition to the festivities! You can have lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!) prowling around, waiting to be the best desserts ever.

Any custom cake bakery will love to work with you to create your next custom cake in Raleigh NC. These mini cakes can be just as captivating and delicious as their larger counterparts. Whether it’s for a birthday party or to celebrate the finale of your favorite show, go with a mini cake to satisfy everyone at your next event!