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Our Durham Bakery’s Top 5 Favorite Cake Decoration Options

If you’re thinking about ordering a cake in Durham NC, you may be wondering what your options are in terms of decorations. Below are just a few of our favorites.

Buttercream Rosette Icing Cake

Another very popular and trendy decoration choice, the rose swirl buttercream technique adds a beautiful, romantic finish to any cake. This is the perfect choice for more feminine occasions like bridal showers, baby showers, and Mother’s day celebrations. When done in pure white, it’s also a very elegant, yet low-cost wedding cake idea [link: how to save money on your wedding cake].

Marbled Drip Icing Cake

Marbled icing is one of the most popular baking trends we’ve seen emerge over the past few years. To make this effect, we loosely mix various colors of icing, then pour the whole batch over the finished cake. The result is a dazzling effect that looks just like marble. This is a great choice of decoration for a classy, formal event, like a wedding or graduation.

Naked Frosting Cake

This chic, unconventional decorating technique is another great way to save money on your wedding cake, because it uses less frosting and takes less time to apply. Leaving the layers exposed has an interesting, eye-catching effect, and it can be ideal for people who just don’t like a lot of frosting, or are worried about their sugar intake. This has become an especially popular cake at rustic-themed weddings and parties.

Fondant Flower Decorated Cake

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Fondant decorations—whether they be flowers, butterflies, or something else—are a classic decoration option that add plenty of color and pizazz to an otherwise plain cake. Fondant icing makes a smooth, professional-looking finish, and it can be molded into any number of creative shapes or sculptures.

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If you are planning on ordering a custom bakery cake for a wedding, birthday, baby shower, or miscellaneous special occasion, give Sweet Cherry Bakery a call. We pride ourselves in being among the best cake decorators in Durham NC. To place a cake order or speak to a representative, contact us here!