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Perfect Cupcakes? Is There Such a Thing?

If you’ve ever walked into a Raleigh cupcake shop, then you’ve probably seen decadent cupcakes that are elegantly decorated. Following a few tips about decorating and cupcake preparation can result in making the same perfect cupcake at home to enjoy with your family and friends. It does take some practice and a steady hand, but beautiful cupcakes that are tasty can be achieved.

Start With The Basics
The basics of a perfect cupcake are the ingredients. Avoid using cheaper ingredients whenever possible. The taste of the cupcakes will reflect the ingredients that you use, so you’re going to want to select the best. Custom cupcakes made at a cupcake bakery near Raleigh often feature gourmet flavors in both the batter and the frostings that are used.

Baking Time
One of the tips to the perfect cupcake from a Raleigh cupcake shop is not overbaking them. It’s almost better to underbake custom cupcakes instead of leaving them in the oven too long. Once the cupcake is overbaked, it’s going to be too hard and often has a burnt flavor and smell. This means you can’t use the cupcake and that you’ve wasted the ingredients that you used. Make sure the temperature in the oven matches the setting. Consider using two timers instead of just one. Check the cupcakes after about 12 minutes with the first timer and then again a few minutes later as you want to set the second timer to 15 minutes.

Stirring Power
When making cupcakes, you want to gently blend the ingredients. Using a mixer can save time, but if you want a light and fluffy batter, then you’re going to want to mix everything by hand. Don’t stir too hard because it can remove the air in the batter. A Raleigh cupcake shop will often leave as many air bubbles as possible in order to achieve the moist cake that customers enjoy. If you choose to use a mixer, then set it on a low speed. Finish combining the ingredients with a large spoon before putting the cupcakes in the oven.

Does Temperature Matter?
There are a few ingredients that a cupcake bakery near Raleigh will usually always have on hand. They include:

  • eggs
  • butter
  • flour
  • milk

When you gather your ingredients to make the perfect cupcake, let them sit on the counter so that they reach room temperature. Most of the time, it only takes about 15 minutes for ingredients to reach the right temperature before you can start mixing them together.

Frosting Tips
If you plan on needing several cupcakes for an event or for a special order, then you might want to make several and freeze them. When you freeze the cupcakes, you lock in the moisture instead of leaving them on a counter to dry out. Let the cupcakes thaw for about an hour before decorating. Give us a call to place an order for any occasion!