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Quick Wedding Planning Timeline for Your Ceremony & Reception

You may have just become engaged and have so many questions on how to prepare for the big day with a lot of different input from friends and family, and we want to help cut through some of the clutter.

The timeframe for all of your services is one of the most important aspects of your prep work for your wedding and the following are advance dates at which specific services should be planned and set as per our experience in working with wedding planners, plenty of brides and other wedding vendors. We hope this can be of some help to you and we hope you’ll choose to work with our local Apex wedding cake baker, too!

12 Months Out

#1 Hire a wedding planner or coordinator if you wish to have them help you every step of the way. This is well worth the expense as this person can do so much for you.

#2 Choose your venues. You may think that this is way too far ahead to locate places for your ceremony and reception, but it is definitely not. Remember, you are not the only bride out there, and some of your favorites may not be available if you wait too long.

#3 The same is true of your favorite band. Book the music to get exactly the musicians and/or DJ that you want for your reception.

#4 Select a wedding dress. Many must be special ordered, while others will require alterations that may take up to six months.

#5 Select and meet with a florist. Choose a florist whose designs reflect the theme of your wedding and your personal preferences.

#6 Hire a photographer and videographer. Don’t just book the date; be firm on the times they are needed as they can book more than one event in a day.

#7 Book your hair and makeup arrangements for yourself and the bridal party. Remember, you may be competing with several other brides for prime times.

9 Months Out

#1 Purchase wedding rings if you haven’t already. You want to recieve them in a timely manner and make sure they fit properly.

#2 Choose a cake bakery that makes amazing custom wedding cakes. Set up a tasting so you can get the full flavor of what is available. Locally to Cary and Raleigh, is our Sweet Cherry Bakery in Apex, NC for the best wedding cakes around.

#3 Hire an officiant and begin working on vows.

6 Months Out

#1 Decide on menu and bar selections for the reception. Schedule a tasting for these also so you can savor and see exactly what you are paying for.

#2 Order invitations and other stationery.

#3 Arrange for transportation. Order the limo and also any buses or other transports needed for guests.

#4 Meet once again with your florist and finalize floral designs.

3 Months Out

#1 Meet with our wedding cake bakery once again and finalize all the details for your custom wedding cakes. Our Apex wedding cakes are famous for their light, fresh taste and flavorful fillings and icings.

#2 Check, check, and double-check every detail, every contract, and every booking. Enlist the aid of your wedding planner or coordinator if you have one.

As you can see, a timeline is very important when planning a quality wedding and it’s recommended to not wait until the last minute to start your preparations. It takes time and energy to do all of the tasks required for a beautiful and well-organized ceremony and reception. So, begin making your appointments now to have the stress-free day and night of your dreams!