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The Cake in the Freezer – A First Year Anniversary Tradition or Bad Idea?

Photos of wedding cakes fill social media sites. Some people begin dreaming about their cake years before they are even engaged. One of the most important days of your life should be celebrated with the extraordinary. Before the big day, decide if you want to save the top layer for your first anniversary. Our Apex cake bakery explains why below.

Why Do People Eat Year-Old Cake Anyway?
This tradition began when wedding cakes were fruit cakes like the ones people pass around in fancy tins at Christmas. They were soaked in high quantities of alcohol to preserve them and wrapped up tight for another day. They were often eaten around the first anniversary to celebrate the birth of the first baby. As fruit cakes fell out of favor and electric freezers became available, the mode of preservation changed and the emphasis switched to celebrating the first anniversary. Wrapping and freezing became the norm.

How Do We Keep It Tasty?
Planning ahead is essential if you want to enjoy the cake when it is a year old. You will likely choose a custom cake bakery, like Sweet Cherry Bakery, to create the confection of your dreams, and the baker will know which kinds of cake work best.

On the day of, you probably will get a single bite before you’re swept away to tend to your guests and dance the night away, and the cake can get lost in the flurry of events. Assign a bridesmaid or close family member to tend to the cake, giving them explicit instructions on how to do so.

It’s best to freeze the cake on a plate first. This will harden the frosting and keep it from sticking to the wrapping. Next, wrap the cake in several layers of plastic wrap, followed by an air-tight plastic bag with the air gently squeezed out. The whole should be clearly labeled and frozen. It needs to be thawed for a full day in the refrigerator, and an hour on the counter before consuming.

Freezing and Saving Cake Won’t Work for Everyone
An option to freezing is to have our Apex cake bakery make a fresh cake for your anniversary.

We can duplicate what was served on your big day for a lot less money than you paid for the original, and it will likely taste a lot better than the frozen version… Because it will be very fresh.

Contact our Apex bakery today to discuss your options!