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The Cake Pop Commotion. Our Apex Bakery Tells All!

In the last few years cake pops have taken over the world of cakes and cupcakes. If you have not tried one yet, then you are missing out on a great new concept. These tasty treats can be found in your local cake bakery or coffee shop; in fact, even large chains like Starbuck’s have cake pops available for purchase. Why are these little confections so popular? Let’s take a look.


To create this treat you simple need to make a cake and form it into a ball using icing as the glue. Then, it is covered in chocolate and decorated to your liking. Each aspect of the pop is customizable; you can have a chocolate cake with white chocolate and red sprinkles or an orange sponge cake with a chocolate coating and a little white ghost. The options are endless, and this customizability is part of what we love so much. Your local cake pop baker will most likely create custom pops as well.


As a society, we like small, cute items. Each trend of cake is becoming smaller than the last. Any cake pop baker will tell you that the pops with cute decorations and bright colors tend to sell quicker than the others.


Having your local cake bakery create these pops for special occasions instead of a cake is convenient for the guests and the host. Forks will not be required to enjoy the confection, and if someone only wants a bite or two, there will not be a lot of half eaten pieces of cake to clean up after the party. In addition, younger guests will not make a mess while eating these, so they can continue playing without the need for an extensive cleanup.

Bite Size

Many of us love hearing that something we love to eat comes in a small serving size. The smaller size makes us feel that eating more is acceptable. You would not eat three slices of cake at a party, but three bite sized pops are more than acceptable; in fact, most people enjoy more than one. If you are too full for dessert, then this dessert is the perfect size to still satisfy your sweet tooth.

Cake pops are heavenly treats that are both divine and delectable. You can easily customize your own mouthwatering confection by contacting our bakery today. Just be warned: it only takes a bite to make your creation disappear so consider your order carefully.