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The Importance of a Baby Shower for the Expectant Mom

Baby showers are an important part of the pregnancy experience. While some moms-to-be might be embarrassed by the attention, or she’s just tired of being pregnant, it’s a great way to make her feel loved and boost her morale. These baby shower tips should help with the event.

Is a Baby Shower About the Presents?
In some cases, it really is about the presents. A baby comes with a lot of needs especially equipment, which can be overwhelming for any couple about to be parents. While they may have the crib and the car seat, they might not know about the importance of a vibrating rocker to get that fussy baby to sleep. By the time they learn about it, it might be too late. They’ll already have had months of sleepless nights.

Family and friends who have had babies already know exactly what worked for them during the early years. They love to be able to impart advice and give much-need gifts. Along with the vibrating chair for a fussy baby, family and friends might be in a better position to buy expensive items or contribute to all the baby items the mom will need. The costs can really add up quickly.

Having Family and Friends Celebrate
The couple who has everything they could possibly need might still be missing some items, but loved ones often just want to be a part of the celebration. They want to show you how happy they are for you. In cases like that, the shower isn’t for the parents-to-be, but it is for the family who wants to show their support and love.

The pregnant woman could have the guests give donations to her favorite charity or only buy items that are sentimental in nature. A gift registry is helpful in this regard. She can tell people exactly what she wants for her baby shower. In the end, she could gift extra items to a charity that could really use the items.

Baby Shower Tips
Whether the expectant mom needs a ton of items or none at all, there are certain things that should be a part of the shower like opening gifts and games. If you’re the one throwing the shower for the expectant mom, you have much to think about like food, games and decorations.

Along with the games and decorations for the party, the baby shower needs a stunning cake. That can often be the awe-inspiring moment of the entire party. The new mom will often remember the fantastic baby shower cakes more than she’ll remember who gave her the cute sweater that her child will never wear.

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