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The Latest Cake and Cupcake Baking Trends Taking off in 2017

Specialization in the baking industry seems to be norm these days, so instead of mainstream bakeries where you can find everything from bread to donuts to wedding cake, you’re more likely to run across Chocolatiers, artesian bread shops, gourmet cookie bakers, or high-end pastries. Here are some of the latest trends Raleigh cake shops are excited to bring you this year.

Metallic cakes are on trend right now. A delicious cake or cupcake is frosted and then the baker can either use edible metallic spray paint or edible gold or silver leafing for the finishing bling. Perfect for weddings, gold and silver anniversaries, birthdays, or any other golden moments you want to celebrate in style.

Naked Cakes
These are trending big time, and have nothing to do with indecent exposure. The only icing is between the cake layers, leaving the outside ‘naked’ for a truly elegant yet rustic look. These cakes look like something you’d expect to find in a bakery in the French countryside, but you can get these custom cakes in Raleigh. Instead of frosting, the exterior of the cake can be dusted with a touch of powdered sugar and embellished with fresh flowers or some berries.

Drizzle Cakes
Chocolate is either lightly drizzled on an iced cake or custom cupcake or poured over on top to give a pretty effect with it oozes over the edges. Other flavors can be used, though chocolate is the fav in this trend. Sprinkles, chocolate chips, berries or cherries, or colorful candies can take the effect to the next level.

Cake Pops
Anything bite-sized is all the rage, so no surprise that cake pops are still gaining in popularity. Little round cake morsels on a stick are decorated with either classic frosting or done up to look like anything your heart desires, like baby rattles for baby showers or puppies, pigs, ducks, or the animal of your choice for a kid’s party.

Mile High Cupcakes
Custom cupcakes piled high with swirls of creamy frosting that look like something out of your favorite storybook. These look so pretty and taste even better than you can imagine in a variety of flavors. Cupcakes are perfect for any get together, whether its super casual or a special event.

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