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Tips for Making Your Baby’s Smash Party a Smash, from Our Raleigh Birthday Cake Baker

In our previous post, we discussed some tips for having a fun, successful, mess-contained smash party. (If you don’t know what a smash party is, you can learn about it here.) We had too many tips to fit in one post, so here are a few more!

Cover the Floor

Don’t expect the mess to stay on the tablecloth—cover the floor with a non-slip covering so that crumbs and icing bits can be easily picked up without breaking out the vacuum. Or, you could always have the party outside on a nice day

Choose a Pale Colored Cake

A bright blue Cookie Monster or a green dinosaur might make awesome, colorful cakes, but the food dye might stain your baby’s skin for a few days, not to mention your clothes and/or upholstery. To keep the risk of staining to a minimum, stick with pale pastel shades.

Save the Smashing for Last

On the big day, save the actual smashing until other festivities are out of the way, unless you want to interrupt the flow with cleanup detail.

Remove Decorations

Make sure that you remove any plastic decorations from the cake before presenting it to the guest of honor. Better yet, order a cake with no plastic decorations on it at all.

Have a Photographer Present

You can go all-out and hire a professional photographer, or assign an Instagram-savvy family member to do it—either way, make sure you have a plan (and camera) to capture this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Get Professional Birthday Cakes in Raleigh NC – Sweet Cherry Bakery

If you’re planning on having a smash party for your baby’s first birthday—or any other type of birthday celebration—call Sweet Cherry Bakery. With over 10 years of experience, we make the best birthday cakes in Raleigh NC! Check out our gallery of first birthday cakes here, and contact us when you’re ready to place your order.