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Tips on Hosting a Magical Christmas Wedding, From Our Raleigh Wedding Cake Baker 

Christmas. It’s a time of magical, twinkling lights, gently falling snow (well…not in Raleigh, but we can imagine it) and a spirit of joy, love, and togetherness filling the air. For all those reasons, we think throwing a Christmas wedding is a wonderful idea. As long as you plan carefully and decorate thoughtfully, there’s no reason a Christmas wedding can’t be a classy, elegant affair that your guests keep remembering for years to come. Below are some tips from our Raleigh wedding cake baker on planning a day that’s truly unforgettable.

Book Your Venue A.E.A.P 

That’s right, A.E.A.P: As Early as Possible. This is really the biggest drawback of throwing a Christmas wedding: around the holidays, all the best venues are quickly booked out. With that said, if you can land a venue around this time, you could end up saving a lot on decorations. That’s because churches and mansions tend to already be decorated and lit up for Christmas, and might even come with a pre-lit tree set up in the front entrance. Just make sure that the venue owners are fine with you keeping their setup. If you want to make minor changes, make sure to obtain pre-approval, and return things to their original state when the event is over. 

Dont Feel Bound to Red and Green 

Red, green, and gold are the classic Christmas colors, but they don’t have to be the colors of your wedding, unless that’s what you want (in which case, we say—go for it!) You might also choose a more muted color palette of white and evergreen; white with hints of gold; white and silver, or white and red. Or you could stray even further from the candy-cane path by choosing mauve, wine, blush rose, champagne pink, or ice blue. Be as creative (or non-creative) as you want to be—it’s YOUR day! (Just make sure your guests get the memo—if everyone shows up in red and green, it could clash with the décor terribly.) 

Bring the Outside, Inside  

We love the idea of incorporating fresh flowers and greenery into the décor for a more “Woodland Christmas” theme. Decorating tables and doors with sprigs of real pine will make the venue smell incredible, although be careful to plan a way to keep pine sap from stickying up the place. Your flower options range from snow white lilies; red velvet amaryllis and poinsettas; baby’s breath (gypsophila), and classic red roses. Pinecones, ivy, holly, and mistletoe and evergreen boughs are other perfect traditional options. 

Order a Professional Cake from Our Raleigh Wedding Cake Bakery! 

With the possible exception of the wedding gown, the wedding cake is the most central, most talked-about accessory to any wedding. That’s why your Christmas wedding isn’t complete without a cake just as beautiful and refined as the event itself. Choose between red velvet; classic white, or a design that’s totally unique to you—then sit back and let us take care of making, storing, and delivering your cake in time for the big day! To schedule an appointment with our custom Raleigh wedding cake bakers, click here