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Top 5 Sculpted Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids from Our Wake Forest Bakery

Ordering any kind of custom birthday cake is fun enough, but you can make your child’s birthday totally over-the-top with a sculpted birthday cake. Sweet Cherry Bakery uses fondant, rice krispie treats, and other architectural elements (and of course, cake) to make amazing, unique birthday centerpieces guaranteed to delight.

If you’re just beginning to think about what type of cake sculpture you should order, here are some of our most popular ideas to get your gears rolling. For more inspiration, check our sculptured cake gallery here

Animal-Shaped Cakes

What could be more fun than a cake shaped like a lion, shark, dog or unicorn? We have made many animal-shaped birthday cakes for kids and they’re always a huge hit.

Fantasy-Themed Cakes

You might also consider a cake that’s a little more out of this world—like a cake shaped like an alien, monster, or dragon. Castles, pirate ships, and certain schools for witchcraft and wizardry are also popular.

Food-Themed Cakes

Kids just love cakes that are shaped like other foods—like pizza, hamburgers, ice cream cones, and watermelons. You could order a cake in the shape of your child’s favorite food, or a type of food that will be served (in real form) at the party.

Sports-Themed Cakes

If you’ve got a budding athlete in your family, make their day with a cake shaped like a soccer ball, football, or miscellaneous piece of sports gear. You could also order a flat sheet cake decorated like a sports field.

Purse-And Shoe-Shaped Cakes

Little girls and grown-ups alike love our cakes that look just like real purses and shoes. This is a great cake choice for a beauty or dress-up themed party.

Need Sculpted Birthday Cakes in Wake Forest NC?

If you are looking for birthday cakes in Wake Forest NC or the surrounding areas, Sweet Cherry Bakery can help. In addition to birthday cakes for kids, we also offer wedding cakes, baby shower cakes, custom cookies, and more. If you’d like to place an order for a unique custom birthday cake, contact us here!