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Unique Ways to Surprise Your S.O. This Valentine’s Day | Raleigh Bakery

Red roses and a fancy dinner is the classic Valentine’s Day activity—but the romance suffers a bit when you find yourself crowded elbow-to-elbow with couples doing the exact same thing. There’s also the ever-popular, always affordable Netflix-and-Chill, but on a special day like this, don’t you want to go above and beyond? Below are some unique Valentine’s Day memories you can make with your significant other that will last long after the roses have wilted and the chocolate is gone. 

Take an In-Town Vacation 

Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year, meaning it’s the perfect time for a weekend getaway. The secret is that the getaway doesn’t have to be more than a few hours away! If you live near our Raleigh, NC location, you’re a few hours from the coast on the east, and the mountains in the west—so consider an Asheville mountain resort or a beach house rental to make this V-Day truly special. You don’t even have to travel that far–if you live in the suburbs, try booking a fancy hotel in downtown Raleigh for a couple of nights. You and your boo can play trendy-rich-city-dweller all weekend, then go back to your more affordable lifestyle on Monday. 

Do an Escape Room 

You may have heard about this fun activity, and maybe you’ve even done it with friends, but how about doing it as a couple? Escape rooms are now available nationwide, and there are all kinds of themes that let you roleplay various scenarios, from zombie apocalypse survivors, to ace detectives, to spies. 

Go Ice/Roller Skating 

There’s a reason why couples are always hitting the rink in our favorite rom-coms—whether you’re on metal blades or in-line wheels, there are plenty of opportunities to anime-fall into each other and get closer. Once you’re done with ice, you can go warm up with hot apple cider and cinnamon, and get cozy. 

See A Live Show 

Lots of venues offer Valentines’ Day entertainment, from live music, to poetry readings, to comedy shows and even burlesque shows. If you want to surprise your S.O., this is a great chance to consider their hobbies and personality and show that you get them with tickets to an event they’ll enjoy. Many museums also open their doors after-hours on Valentine’s Day, providing an opportunity to enjoy free snacks and live music. 

Go on a DIY Wine-and-Dessert Tour 

What could be more fun than wandering from bar to bar with your loved one, sampling different bottles and filling up on appetizers? The only way to make this idea better is wandering in and out of local bakeries and candy stores, filling up a bag with sweet treats. If you happen to be near our Raleigh location, stop on by to grab our Valentine’s-themed cake pops, cookies, and rice krispie treats!

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